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Q&A 常见问题

02 我们中心所收留的智障儿童来自何处?我们中心提供的住宿是否征收费用?


02 我们中心如何维持每日的开销与支付?


02 孩子们的日常生活包括了什么?
我们的孩子每日都会帮忙做些简单的家务例如扫地,以及照顾其他小孩。 每逢星期三,会有志工老师教导他们
基本知识. 有时候,孩子的家长也会抽空时间来陪伴他们。


02 我们中心需要什么?


02 请问我的捐款将如何帮助中心?
您的爱心捐款将会资助我们中心日常所需,例如食物,交通工具,租金 以及孩子们的医药费用。



02 Where does the disabled children come from? Any charges for sheltering them? 
Our children come from all over Malaysia. Our centre takes care of all of them without any charges regardless of race and religion.


02 Where do we get our supplies and support? 
We do not have any support from the government. Our expenses are covered mostly from social workers and fundraising
from our volunteer centre. We still lack of funds to cover the centre’s monthly expenses.


02 What do they do everyday?
Our children will help do simple daily chores like sweeping the floor and take care of younger kids. Every Wednesday they
will have a lesson, teaching them some basic knowledge. At times some of the parents will come and visit their children
occasionally, but some of them did not even come back after sending them to centre.


02 What facilities we need? 
We currently have enough facilities to take care of our children, we just lack of funds to cover basic expenses.


02 What will my donations supply to the centre?
Your donations will be used on their daily necessities like food, transport, rental fees and for those children that have high
medication fees monthly. These are the expenses make the centre funds at negative figure everyday.