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“Never Ever Give In When There Is Still A Glimmer Of Hope.”
Mentally challenged children are the precious gems of lives despite their disabilities in taking care of themselves, communications, studies and works. Their existences today serve as a reminder to us who are physically and mentally fit about the value of life besides calling to mind the respects and loves for others. Indeed, these are what we lack of towards becoming a better person and a better world! This will eventually makes the transformation of impossibilities into endless possibilities happen, not only on those who are physically disabled, but also on YOU and ME! The energy will strike on us, being contagious and spread swiftly among us. I believe it is the vital effect of life by being intellectual.
The Origin and Vision of IQ70 +
“IQ70 +, Home Sweet Home.”
Intellectual disabilities or mentally challenged is characterized by significant impairment of cognitive and intelligence functions of daily life and deficit in skills such as reading time, managing finance, reading, calculations and etc. Generally, the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a healthy person is about 100. Yet, the IQ of mentally challenged group is usually below 70 as caused by congenital disorder or acquired disorder developed through various psychology and growth conditions.
It is not easy to attain an environment completed with professional full-time personal care assistance, sound medical system and safe-to-live environment for the mentally challenged group as they need personalized treatment in accordance with their disability level respectively. As an embracement of love and responsibility towards mentally challenged children, Malaysia Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children has established since 27 March 2012 (registered on 4 January 2011) in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The association provides an all-day comprehensive humane assistance for children with mental disabilities and endeavors in building a safe and open living space to offer the children the superior conditions for healthy psychological growth.
The quote, “IQ70 +”, does not serve the purpose to tag mental disabilities. The “+” sign reflected our mission in leading the children to move forward by continue to seek more breakthroughs and hopes within the limited intelligence. It is a bridge built not only to break the gap between social responsibility and the public society, but to lead mentally challenged children to embrace and back to the society. IQ70 + can also be recognized as a home-liked shelter which is filled with laughter and loves for the Angels!
IQ70+ Duty and Future Outlook
“Nonprofit Organization (NGO) – A Social Community that Belongs to You and Me.”
The ups and downs in the development of a country are not to be judged solely according to its wealthy and poverty rate. Even though the National Average Salary has increased to above average, the mentality of the nations is still unchanged. Nations are not concerns on any issues happening in the society. This selfish attitude, doubtless to say, greatly affects the inner beauty and intellectual quality of the nations. Thus, we vow to abolish a society structure formed without love as its foundation! We vow to seek for a society with public charity activities forming its fundamental!
Participations from the public can be synonym as the act of seedling and watering in a plantation as the meticulous care and effort paying forward today will eventually bring abundant returns tomorrow! Now, IQ70 + Malaysia Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children is like the farmer who spreads the seed. We hope YOU will be the one who irrigates till it flowers! We are willing to provide a more spacious space, more professional services and much safer and thorough facilities to the mentally challenged children when the needs heightened. Let us together improve ourselves in other life aspects through the smiling faces of the children!
Be the member of this love-spreading plantation! We welcome you to work hand-in-hand with IQ70 +, either in the aspects of financial support, daily necessity, education or time spent with them, to care for the mentally challenged children and await a day when they will strongly thrive in their life!
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